Orange foods & your fertility

🍁As we head into Autumn, don’t miss out on eating a variety of different orange root vegetables that are in season right now, such as carrots, squash and pumpkin!🥕

Why? It appears that it’s beneficial for both female & male fertility!

Time and time again we hear that consuming colourful fruits and vegetables is good for our health. This is thanks to the thousands of natural chemicals found in the cells of plants, called phytonutrients Carotenoids found in orange plant foods, are especially good phytonutrients for our reproductive health!

🧡 Orange plant foods get their colour from the carotenoid “beta-carotene” (an orange pigment), which is known for its amazing antioxidant power.

Antioxidants are key for supporting our reproductive health as they can neutralise free radicals that cause damage to cells in our body, including cells that make up the tissues of organs of our reproductive system.

💁‍♀️In women, beta-carotene has been found to enhance ovarian function and progesterone synthesis. This is key for ovulation, maintaining a healthy uterine lining, and creating a nourishing and healthy environment for the embryo to grow.
💁‍♂️In men, a low intake of fruit and vegetables (with carotenoids) has been found to contribute to lower total sperm count.
🤰Recent research has also shown that consuming carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, can lead to a shorter time to pregnancy.

🏃‍♀️🍂 So head out and fetch the orange plant foods!

This weekend we bought a butternut squash at our local farmers market and tried out a delicious orange breakfast smoothie! 😋

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